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Depending on how one would define the word "Zombie," whether a flesh-hungry corpse or a being under the control of a Bokor or Vodou sorcerer.

There have been no reports of flesh-hungry, virus-infected Zombies as seen in films such as George A. Romero's "Living Dead" series of films.

However, according to the tenets of Vodou, a dead person can be revived by a bokor. Zombies remain under the control of the bokor since they have no will of their own. There also exists within the voudon tradition the zombi astral which is a human soul that is captured by a bokor and used to enhance the bokor's power.

Clairvius Narcisse attracted interest in scientific investigation after declaring himself a Zombie. In the report, he was placed into a death-like state after being poisoned by a mixture of natural toxins. After being burried, a Boker dug him up and took him to a plantation where he was fed on a paste containing a hallucinogen. This toxin kept him and other workers as slaves to the Bokers will until his death in 1964 where, upon the ceasing of further dossage of the toxin, Narcisse regained his sanity and returned home to his family.

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