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Just as the United States goverment was going to launch the missiles at Raccoon City, Wesker contacted her to ask if she had gotten a G-virus vial, she replies she had got some of Birkins DNA which contained traces of the G-virus, Wesker tells her maybe she is good to the Organization they both work for, he also tells her one of Umbrella's members/scientist is leaving Raccoon City in a private Umbrella helicopter, he opens a box which contains a hook-shot gun, she sees the helicopter and runs and jumps at the helicopter and shoots her hook-shot which sticks to the helicopter and flys away, just as she is leaving, a Hunter trys to grab her leg, the Hunter fails and grabs one of her shoes instead, to which she replies: You can have it and the Hunter falls to its death.

You can watch the video of her speaking/leaving Raccoon City on YouTube, links are below. Part 1 Part 2

Hope my answer and the videos help answer your question. Red-Man'

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