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Talos can be defeated by shooting the red-orange tumors on the shoulders and the tumor that is in the chest. Though after destroying two, the Talos will initiate an attack scene. If its the button commands be aware you will dodge three actions. Now the other attack is when talos will emerge tentacles and throw rocks at you. Shoot the any of the two to prevent damage, this will happen about 5 times. After that proceed and destroy the last tumor. This will cause Talos to fall allowing you to whip him like the little girl he is! =D Shoot the large red node on his back. But he won't take much. He will rampage toward you and initiate another dodge sequence. Next he will try to strangle you, be aware of the wandering tentacles shoot those first then shoot talos in the face. After a few of these steps you will defeat Talos YaY!

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