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No, she was taken by Wesker. He was going to use her as the first test subject for Uroboros but after finding out that her blood contains an anti-body to the T-Virus he kept her as a slave by attaching a device to her chest which pumps a mind control chemical named P30, alos increasing their physical strength. After 3 years Chris and Sheva save Jill by removing the device from her chest. Later Jill and Josh appear and save Chris and Sheva from Magma. Then they all fly off into the sunset.

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Because its so easy/dumbed down that you're not trying at all and dying and/or getting lost often.

...I have no idea what the hell that crap above is, but seriously, you didn't like the fifth one? It may not have been as open as the others were, but the story is damn good, and the game is quite entertaining. If you haven't beat it, you should get it used and tear it up. Get you some story.