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1. When you get to the spot where the game gives you the “look” option, there should be a side path that leads behind a house. Follow the path that is to the left when you face the village entrance. This is the easiest way to start collecting items because you are not seen as quickly.

  2. Run around the village and collect as much ammo as you can without killing people. Also collect the red, yellow and green plants. There are enough plants in the village to make one mixture of red, green and yellow herbs, and then you have one red and one green plant as well.
         * Note: to mix the plants, select one of the three plants and then select the “combine” button. Repeat the process until all three plants are combined. When you are done it should heal you completely and also raise your maximum health.You can also just place them on top of each other and they will mix
  3. Know the terrrain. The main buildings in the village are:
               o main buildings (four houses and a barn)
               o a tower
               o flat-roofed metal building
               o several shacks
  4. When you walk into the village, go into all of the houses to collect items like grenades and ammo, etc. Save the last building on the right hand side (closest to the tower) for last because if you go into that house a video will start and you will get a chain saw guy coming after you making it harder to gather all the items.
  5. After you have collected all your items, walk into the last house and watch the video that will start automatically. After the video there will be villagers at the window and door. Push the bookshelf in front of the window (the door will already be barricaded) so you have more time to gather items from the house.
  6. Run upstairs and get the shotgun.
  7. In the video, you saw a ladder crash into the upstairs window. Run to this window and push the ladder so it falls down onto the ground below.
  8. Break another adjacent window (running past – or shooting – the villages lying in wait outside it) and jump out onto the roof of the shack next door. Follow the ledge around the right side of the building. This will lead to a dead end.
  9. When you get to the very end where you are standing on a roof there is a jewel on the ledge. Take it if you have time. Villagers will pursue you.
 10. Shoot any and all villagers who come your way. (Some will fall off the edge as you shoot them.) Save your shotgun ammo for the chain saw man, who will probably show up first.
 11. Whenever you get a chance to go and get the items that fall from dead villagers, gather them up; if you don’t, the ending video will come and it will take you to the middle of the village and the items will not be there when you get back.

[edit] Tips

   * Get as much ammo as you can, mostly for the chain saw guy, because it takes about seven shotgun blasts to kill him.
   * There are 124 different ways to die in Resident Evil 4; be as careful as you can.
   * Never put the controller down for any videos; sometimes you need to press buttons and if you don’t at the right time, you will die.

[edit] Warnings

   * If you are out of ammo at any time during this walkthrough, stop doing the walkthrough and go find another way.
   * Cows can head butt you; shoot from a distance. There is no benefit to shooting a cow.