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Excella unleashes a monster infected by Uroboros. After defeating the monster, the two find Excella and the hooded figure. Wesker reveals himself and he unmasks the hooded figure, who turned out to be Jill Valentine, who is hostile and fights alongside him. Wesker escapes and they are left with Jill. They spot the device on Jill's chest which they pull off. Jill returns to normal and tells them to pursue Wesker.

Jill was infected with the NE-T virus and was later given a vaccine. However, some cells of NE-T survived and entered a dormant stage.-- Forerunner 17:59, 16 April 2009 (UTC)
means that it's mot a virus but a device that controlled jill >_>

The T-Virus was simply reduced to a dormant state after use of the anti-virus, meaning that the T-Virus probably bonded with her on a cellular level. The device that controlled Jill had a completely different type of virus inside of it, a breach off on the T-Virus, which gave her incredibel power but also making her susceptical to brainwashing, if it was continiously pumped into her body.

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