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Hello and welcome to Resident Evil Answers! Resident Evil Answers is an affiliate wiki of the Resident Evil Wiki, and is dedicated to bring Resident Evil fans the most accurate and up to date information on Resident Evil questions possible. Anyone can ask a question on this site, and anyone can answer one - so long as they follow the correct asking and answering guidelines of course.

If you are curious about a certain aspect of Resident Evil, feel free to fill in the question box at the top of the wiki, and click ask. It will then be answered by another member who will give you as much accurate information as possible. These answers are also stringently checked by quality control to assure that you have got only the best from our members.


All contributors to this website, that includes both question makers and answerers, are expected to show accepted wiki etiquette. This means contributors are expected to:

  • Be considerate and amicable to other users - make sure you are polite and well mannered when addressing others, and when contributing to the wiki.
  • Utilise the best application of English as possible - answers and questions should be both legible and clearly understandable for English users.
  • Read and follow all accepted guidelines and regulations at all times - disregard of guidelines and regulations are punishable.

Disregard for wiki etiquette leads to a collapse of an enjoyable community, so it is paramount that it be followed without fault. Resident Evil may be an M or 15-rated game, for individuals above the age of 17, but wikia is open for anyone above the age of 13 - therefore we must conduct ourselves to show appropriate behaviour for all ages. Disregard for this can be punishable by an admin!


Purposeful destruction of material on this wiki is unacceptable. All users are able to revert changes of other users, so vandalism and destructive behaviour is never permanent - all users will gain from defacing our material is waste time. Anyone caught doing so can, and will, be blocked from the wiki. Therefore we ask all users to use common sense, when editing the wiki, to decipher what is and would be an acceptable contribution.


Resident Evil Answers is here for the enjoyment of Resident Evil fans. Please use the wiki correctly, and when doing so we hope you find enjoyment with learning about this much loved franchise.

Thank you for reading,

The Admin team.

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