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In the attempt to maintain professionalism and consistency, our answering policy is to be followed without question. This allows for question makers to be able to read answers clearly, and to reply to the contributor(s) when the need arises. Following this policy also allows for ease of maintenance for Administrators, as Administrators can edit multiple pages in a short period of time if they all follow a similar pattern and layout.

Un-answered QuestionsEdit

Un-answered questions should take precedence over all other questions, as Resident Evil Answers' users should aim to bring as accurate and up to date information as possible, in as timely fashion as possible. For this reason users should regularly check the Un-answered Questions category for any un-answered questions, and attempt to answer them with the most accurate information available.

Answered QuestionsEdit

Some times questions that have been answered do not contain information that is acceptable - the information is inaccurate, insufficient, rude, or could just do with more content. In these cases users should add another answer to the question whilst maintaining the original answers content, please do not delete information from a question. The new answer should be placed below the older answer, and should follow normal guidelines.

Answering QuestionsEdit

Answering a QuestionEdit

When a user has found a question they wish to contribute to, they may add to it by either filling in the answer box (on unanswered questions), or clicking edit and filling out the appropriate fields (on answered questions).

Using TemplatesEdit

When answering a new question an answer template will be prefilled in the answer box, and should look like the following:

{{Answer|Replace this phrase with your answer.|USERNAME}}

Users with accounts will have their usernames prefilled into the template with their own user names, however, users without an account will have their username as Anonymous. The purpose of these templates allows for question makers to be able to identify which contributors have answered their questions, and which answers are most reliable. The templates also create a clear definition between multiple answers, and help to improve visual appearance of the wiki.

If a question has already been answered, and you still wish to add an additional answer, you will have to add the temple manually. To do this, click the edit button at the top of the page, this will open the editing console. Select source mode and paste the Answer template code below the other like so:

{{Answer|This template contains an answer|User1}}
{{Answer|This template contains your answer|Username}}

Replace Username with your own username if you have an account. If you do not have an account please replace Username with Anonymous, this will direct users to an explanation page when the source is clicked.

Trusted members should use the template assigned for trusted answers. More about trusted members, and the templates used by this user group, can be found at the Trusted Members page.

Writing an AnswerEdit

When writing an answer, users must make sure that their information is correct and accurate. Don't answer a question solely on what you believe is right, make sure to double check on the Resident Evil Wiki first.

Answers should contain as many links to separate pages on the Resident Evil Wiki as possible, this way readers can follow the links to read more about the subject, it also acts as evidence of your answer. To do this, simply paste the following code into the answer:


Replace PAGENAME with the Resident Evil Wiki's article name, and replace WORD with the word that you intended to link to the Resident Evil Wiki page.

Answers should be written in English, and should use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation - there is nothing more irritating for a question maker, than an answer which is illegible or an eye-sore to read.

Low Quality AnswersEdit

Answers of low quality, or disregarding guidelines are at risk of being deleted by Administrators. Users who persistently contribute answers of low quality may be punished at the digression of the Administrator issuing the punishment - this could result anywhere between a formal warning or a complete block from the wiki, depending on the severity of the action.

If you should come across any such answer please read our reporting guide to learn how to mark these questions for review.

Further HelpEdit

The following model answers should give an example of which to follow when answering questions, however, should you still be in doubt, do not hesitate to contact an Administrator via their talk page with a query.

Model AnswersEdit

  1. How was the Nemesis created?

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