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In the attempt to maintain professionalism and consistency, our asking policy is to be strictly followed. Anyone may ask a question, however it must be of sufficient quality, too ensure this high standard this Asking Policy has been created. Any questions that do not follow this specific guideline is at risk of being deleted!

The wiki can not be held accountable for users failing to read the guidelines we have written, so make sure you read everything!

Asking a QuestionEdit

All questions should abide by this set of criteria, any questions which do not follow this will be subjected to deletion, or alteration.

  • Questions should be of particular relevance to Resident Evil, and subsequent Capcom or Sony approved creations (the latter in relation to the live-action films) - an example being the biohazard 4 kaitai shinsho guidebook.
  • Questions should be asked in English, and should contain correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Questions should be questions and not statements. Please make sure you are asking about something in particular, not making a statement about it.
  • Questions should not be about opinions - an example being "Who would win this fight?"
  • Questions should not contain rude or profanitive language.
  • Questions should be made in good faith, and should not be made to provoke users.

If you are still unsure what questions you should not be asking, take a look at our examples of questions which should not be asked.

Multiple QuestionsEdit

Whilst we implore people to ask questions, asking multiple questions in a short space of time can be considered vandalism, even if they are constructive. If you want to ask multiple questions please ask one of our Administrators via their talk page for permission first. Else, please keep all questions to less than 5 per day. Users caught making multiple questions in a short period of time are at risk of being blocked.

Low Quality QuestionsEdit

Questions of low quality, or disregarding guidelines are at risk of being deleted by Administrators. Users who persistently contribute questions of low quality may be punished at the digression of the Administrator issuing the punishment - this could result anywhere between a formal warning or a complete block from the wiki, depending on the severity of the action.

If you should come across any such question please read our reporting guide to learn how to mark these questions for review.

Further HelpEdit

The following model questions should give an example of which to follow when asking questions, however, should you still be in doubt, do not hesitate to contact an Administrator via their talk page with a query.

Model QuestionsEdit

  1. How was the Nemesis created?

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