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About it quick summary: Year: 2004 Secret Service Agent, Leon Scott Kennedy, is on a mission in Spain to rescue the President's Daughter, Ashley Graham. As you start off, you try and talk to a man but he almost kills you, bringing back nightmares from 1998, the breakout which occurred in Raccoon City. Is he a zombie or not? As you venture further you realize that these are zombies, but how? You go through a village and learn more a these creatures of the dead and how they became zombies. It seems that their religious leader, Lord Osmund Saddler, had turned them into zombie's. He was also the one who kidnapped the President's daughter. Along your journey you come across a mysterious Spaniard, Luis Sera. He was a former cop and knows many things about these creatures you are about to face. In the game you will pick up notes titled Luis' Memo 1 and so on about the creatures giving a description of each. When you are in the castle, he sadly dies by Lord Saddler stabbing him through the chest with his scorpion-like tail. After passing the village it will will show a cutscene of the castle drawbridge you and Ashley run into. Inside the castle you go through mysterious passages and learn more of why the village people turned into zombies. It is connected with the religious group, the Los Illuminados. Here you will not face as many Ganados (village people). Most likely more castle guards and archers. You have the opportunity to play as Ashley in the castle once. Also, the king of the castle is Salazar. You later fight him and win. In the castle, you come across a woman in red, Ada Wong. Leon and her met in the the 1998 outbreak. Ada supposedly "died" but actually never did. You will come across her many times. In the end, she turns against Leon and steals the "sample" of the virus. After passing the castle, you come to an island. Here you come across guards and creepier looking zombies with more advanced weapons like shockers. It is much more scary on the island than the village and castle. In the end, (this is the final part) you fight against Saddler. You win and Ada sets a bomb to blow up the island. Ada takes the "sample" and flies away in a chopper. You and Ashley escape on a jet ski and return safely to the USA. Ashley asks if you would like some "overtime" but decline. Krauser is not a very important character but you encounter him a few times. You have a mini battle where you dodge and talk about things going on. Later you have a battle where a part of the island is going to blow up, but you have to beat Krauser first. Once he dies, you can move on. Ashley, where do I begin. She is a useless character, cannot shoot, and has a very annoying scream. Ashley gets stolen at least 8-11 times. She is playable once in the castle. In the game she grows to like Leon, but when she asks for "overtime" he declines. The merchant is an important character. He has better and better guns as you advance farther into the game. You can tune up weapons and also sell items like spinels and velvet blues. Saving is very important if you don't you can lose all of your progress. The save point is a type writer to fit how the people are acting from this time. You will find many letters or notes left around which you can read for information or tips.

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