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Rani Chawla

born: 1997 gender: Female Race/Ethnicity: Indian status: Alive voice: Michelle Ruff Akiko Yajima (Japanese) mocap: Aliyah Aska Irby

Rani Chawla, along with her Aunt, are Claire Redfield's welcoming committee at Harvardville Airport. Whilst awaiting transport with Claire, she is one of the civilians involved in the bioterrorist attack orchestrated by WillPharma on said airport.

Background Edit

Rani was born and seemingly lived with her parents in India up until 2004-2005. Whilst the circumstances of her parents' deaths are unknown, it appears they died as the result of an attack on the area, perhaps connected to bioterrorist events (as India is flagged as an affected area by newscasts) or to humman testing performed by WillPharma within that country. Rani's version of the events indicates that her father left to help her mother (the nature of the trouble is left undetermined), assuring her that he would return, after which neither he nor Rani's mother returned. It is assumed that Rani's Aunt then stepped in as her guardian.

Harvardville Outbreak Edit

Rani accompanies her Aunt to greet Claire Redfield at the Harvardville Airport. While she and Claire are waiting for Aunt to return with the limo, Rani recognizes Senator Ron Davis (who is attempting to leave the airport incognito to avoid the angry anti-WillPharma manifestants at the door) as "the bad man on TV" and points to him, drawing the attention of reporters.

After the zombie attack begins, Rani, visibly put under the protection of Claire (mirroring a previous situation with Sherry Birkin), is one of the four survivors to barricade themselves in the VIP lounge of the terminal to wait for help. During the escape from the terminal, a fleeing Senator Davis pushes Rani into a swarm of zombies, from which she is rescued by Claire. While she makes it through the ordeal physically unscathed and is reunited with her Aunt, she is badly shaken by it, and it is very likely that the events will leave her with some trauma (as stated to Davis by an enraged Claire, who tells him that "that little girl will probably have nightmares for the rest of her life because of you").

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